Busy busy busy

December 18, 2010

Ok the lack of blogging at the moment is due to the fact that im and up to my eyeballs in paper trying to make this animation work šŸ™‚ lots of cutting, photographing, moving, photographing, photographing the photos being taken and paper being cut then editing all on the computer. Work work work! but its all for the greater good i guess! Anyways here is a loovveeelllyy videoĀ I found by chance the other day thought I would put it up because infact this is a moving image module and i still see it every where and every day so im gonna document it! here goes. ~Beautiful~

November 23, 2010

This is a great help for me, a ‘behind’ the scenes look at how ‘paper animation’ is made. It would definatly take a lot of time to do something like this but it would have a really interesting outcome and im excited about getting started!

Angela Anaconda

November 23, 2010

I remember this show from when my little brother and sister were younger and whenĀ I was researching and developing my theme for this projectĀ I was reminded of it. Because my strengths lie in photoshop rather than animation software I decided that working with 2d images would be a better idea. And I really like the idea of working with real photographs/footage and manipulating it so that it looks almost cartoon like. I am currently researching Preston Blairs mouth shapes and how each letterĀ sounds when spoken and Angela Anaconda depicts this perfectly. I also found this ‘making of’ video which will be very helpful when I am designing the mouths and expressions of my characters.


First day of my life

November 12, 2010

This is the sweetest video i have ever seen. I’ve known and liked this song (and the video) for a long time and thought i would put it up here. Its very inspirational and the concept and idea behind it is really adorable.

Meredith Dittmar

November 11, 2010

Waow after researching clay animations i thought i would see if there were any artists out there who made models and i came across meredith Dittmar. Dittmar an artist who lives in Portland OR. Looking at his sculptures is like entering a whole new world. Meredith is able to do things with polymer clay that are similar to the digital rendering. In addition to a variety of clays, Meredith works with plexiglass, resin and paint spray, using fiberglass for larger pieces her work is really beautiful and i love the smooth lines and textures in her work. It would be really nice to do something like this for my final piece. But i will have to get moulding to practice!

Here are some images from her website.


November 9, 2010

One of my favorite animation teams is ‘Aardman’ and the animation series they do called creature comforts. I have previously posted about this in my blog and would like to go back and choose some of my favorite videos. A few that I have found very useful have been ‘The making of creature comforts’ A behind the scenes look s to how everything is made and shot. From a learning prospective I find this very helpful as there are some things I didn’t really know how to go about doing. When I am making my final piece I may refer back to this for guidance and inspiration.

November 9, 2010

This is a short that IĀ  found on the website http://drawn.ca/archive/Ā Which is a blog but absolutly brilliant and has some really interesting things on it. I can totally relate to this video as a driver myself I know how hard it is sometimes to parallel park and the ending is fantastic! so sudden and funny. I also love the squished bunny/animal thing on the road! It looks to be made from paper card and clay then computerised but I can’t be sure as there isn’t much information available on it. Enjoy!


BBC three ‘The Blobs’

November 9, 2010

The channel’s original identities were conceived by Stefan Marjoram fromĀ atĀ Aardman animationsĀ and were used from launch until February 2008. Stuart Murphy was touring Aardman Animations looking for new programming ideas for BBC Three when he spotted the cone shaped creatures. There are a number of animations using these cute little creatures so i just chose the oneĀ I liked the most to use as an example. Wonderful singing voice on that lil thing šŸ˜‰

November 9, 2010

The translation of this animation is basically two men discussing their exsistance, and the possiblity of living in a better world. Little do they know what is outside the box. Its such a simple animation but very effective, we can nearly feel how uncomfortable it is inside their small ‘world’ as they know it. The characters are also simply made but i think too much detail to them would take away from the simplicity of their ‘world’.

Great claymation by the ‘cancanclub’ There are also some really good animations on their website. I really like the website too its very well made and lots to look at! It’s www.cancanclub.com.ar

The great distraction

November 9, 2010

Music and sound effects can really make or break an animation, If you watch this one with no sound, it doesn’t make sense, its a bit boring and confusing. But with the sound effects on its quite good. Especially with the water sounds. Shot at 24 frames per second this short animation is sweet and simple.Ā The animatorĀ uses Stop Motion Pro V6 HD to makeĀ his animations, I have checked it out and will download a trial version to try and make my final animation. I’m guessing it lasts for 30 days so i will leave it closer to the end so I can make full use of it.